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Insurance and compensations

The insurance and the associated cases are a preferred practice area of Todor Mangarov Lawoffice. Prior to establishing of the company, the senior lawyer Mr. Mangarov have councelled and resolved a number of legal cases, involving denial or not paying of insurance compensation to corporate structures of citizens. The lawyers of the firm have accumulated a thoroughgoing experience advising a number of domestic and interntional companies, persons and public funds. We have often been contacted on various personal, commercial and compliance problems.

Our expertise include advising drafting and preparing of general conditions, contracts and agreements for insurance companies and privat private persons, advising and handling regulations for issuing of licenses, mediation with the supervision authorities,court representation with regards of various insurance issues.

We always day to day monitor and study the recent changes in the insurance legislation and judicial practice with regards of insurance claims and disputes.

We have the capacity and the experience to act on behalf of all players of the market pertaining to all litigation procedures, including the liability of the insurer about property and health issues, collateral, any kind of damages, etc.

We can assist you with the following:

Legal defense and court representation pertaining to traffic accidents and other issues.

Registration and licensing of insurance companies, brokers and intermediaries.

Preparation of internal rules and documents.Legal advice pertaining to the forthcoming conclusion of insurance agreements and other documents.

Legal defense and court representation pertaining to denial of paying of insurance compensations.