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Acquisition of Bulgarian - EU citizenship

The advantages of having Bulgarian(EU) passport and citizenship go far beyond the advantage of visa free travel to the majority of the countries in the world. Bulgarian (EU) citizenship provides free residence and working rights within the European Union. The Bulgarian nationals and naturalized citizens can rely to free consular assistance in any EU embassy or diplomatic mission worldwide, they have unrestricted access to EU healthcare and high education in any EU country. If you choose to live in Bulgaria, you can enjoy affordable and highly professional healtcare services and education, low crime rate, reliable and firm protection of your bank assets and the lowest tax rates in the EU Union.

Having Bulgarian citizenship means most of all freedom – to travel, to settle and do business worldwide, freedom to live, freedom to work and to fulfill your dreams.

What are the advantages of having Bulgarian passport? How this can really change your life? Why Bulgarian passport is much more better than the most EU passports? Most important, why the Bulgarian Citizenship Investment Program is the best investment program in the EU?

Bulgarian passport guarantees free visa travel

Bulgarian citizenship means worldwide visa free travel. For travelling to the EU Member states, Bulgarian nationals don't need to carry their international passports. The Bulgarian citisens only need to show their personal identity card to the custom officials and this guarantees free entry and right of to the country. As a part of the EU Union, Bulgaria has signed visa free agreements worldwide, allowing its citizens to travel all the world round. Together with Monaco and Liechtenstein, Bulgaria shares the prestigious 12th place in the world in terms of freedom of its citizens to travel visa free. The Bulgarian passport holders can travel to more than 145 countries worldwide, either visa free or easily obtaining visas directly to the border, the so called "visa on arrival" manner.

Free working in the EU Union. Free residency rights

Having Bulgarian passport doesn't mean only visa free travel. Bulgarian citizens have the right to live in any other EU country without restrictions or other formalities. Living in the EU comes with substantial additional rights, like the right to work, to attend universitiesq ext.

Bulgarians have free access and can study in the EU Union at preferential conditions. The permanent residents of the EU do not have such extended rights. The Bulgarian passport gives the real right to enlist in the EU academic institutions - schools and universities, which are the best in the world.

The access to the EU healthcare and social protection system can also be of significant importance.

Lowest taxes in the EU Union. Unrestricted right to own land

The income tax in Bulgaria are extremely low, not onl in the EU Union, but in the rest of the world. The corporate and personal income tax rates in Bulgaria are being only 10% - lowest in EU and one in the lowest in the world. Serious advantage is the option to switch your tax burden to Bulgaria. This factor can be of significant importance for your business enterprises. Your Bulgarian citizenship can give you a fortune only by tax spending and planning and this could be essential, especially for the retirees.

Political stability and predictability of the country

In the context of the currency board framework, monetary and credit conditions in the country remain stable and predictable. Bulgaria is full right EU Union member. Although being also a full NATO member, Bulgaria avoid to participate in international conflicts. Bulgarian passport holders, unlike the citizens of big countries like USA, UK, France, etc. are far less exposed to acts of aggression, when traveling abroad.


The ,,Law for the Bulgarian Citizenship" regulates the matter and provides variety of options for acquiring Bulgarian citizenship. The common rule is that one is eligible to become Bulgarian citizenship after residing permanently in the country for definite amount of time, or if she or he have Bulgarian ancestors.
The Bulgarian Citizenship Investment Program gives additional attractive opportunity for naturalization - through investment.
The investment can be done in a variety of investment instruments. The money remains yours and stay at your bank acount during the whole procedure. You have full control on your money and can take it back at any time. The Bulgarian currency is pegged to the Euro at 1,95583 BGN for 1 EUR rate and there is zero inflation risk.

The Bulgarian nationality will be obtained in a little bit more than one year period. You will be not required to surrender your current citizenship. No language or history exams. Lifetime citizenship. Your children will also have the right to apply for Bulgarian citizenship. Your children will be immediately eligible for acquiring Bulgarian citizenship, once you get your Bulgarian passport. Your unborn children will get automatically Bulgarian citizenship.

Investment procedure. Permanent residence in Bulgaria

First you need to obtain permanent Bulgarian residency. The initial step is opening a trusted account in chosen major international bank, such as Raiffeisen Bank, Pireos Bank, UBB, Societe Generale, etc. You need to invest at least 512 000 EUR in Bulgarian state and municipal bonds. The investment is secured with governmental guarantee. The funds should be kept in your account for a period of not less than five years. It is significant to understand, that the investment remains yours at all times and you can take or withdraw the money back at any time.
You will get permanent residency in the country within three monts after finishing the investment.

Obtaining Bulgarian - EU citizenship

When becoming permanent resident in the country, usually you could get Bulgarian citizenship after five years, but you can accelerate the process. One year after the initial investment of 512 000 EUR has been completed, you can increase it by investing additional amount of 512 000 EUR in Bulgarian state or municipal bonds. The completion of the second investment gives the right for acquiring Bulgarian citizenship nor five, but just only one year after the initial investment.

The Bulgarian Ministry of Justice finally approve the application for Bulgarian citizenship and forward it for stamping to the President of Republic of Bulgaria. When signed by the President, the naturalization procedure is finished.

Advantages of the Bulgarian citizenship investment program

- Low investment required - only 1 024 000 EUR - the lowest amount, required in the EU Union;
- Investment remain in the personal bank account of the applicant during the whole procedure;
- Flexible investment in financial market instruments (shares or state or municipal bonds);
- Short period of the naturalization process –little more than one year;
- No language, history or any other tests required;
- Children and spouses are also immediately eligible for full Bulgarian citizenship;
- Low 10% taxes. The Bulgarian citizen could decide to change his tax domicile to Bulgaria, and enjoy the lowest corporate and personal tax rates in the EU Union.
- There are zero charges for the bank when buying the bonds and no real estate requirements. The profits from the investment - interests and coupons are quarantied by the state and remain entirely for the applicant's account;
- The applicant without any conditions can retain his previous citizenship.