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Property and investments

We recognise that our corporate and private clients encounter a variety of challenges and opportunities in the investment market, including
rising interest in the investments – hotels, developments and holiday properties and shortage of financing, increse of the insolvency risk and continued focus on achieving of good investment sustainability.

Todor Mangarov law office has been created in order to meet the expectaions of our foreign clients, providing highly qualified legal service in all civil legal areas.

We monitor and understand the current situation of the real estate sector, which enables us to provide top quality service at a very competitive price.

Our expertise include:

Real estate investment – our small, but highly qualified and motivated team of lawyers can assist you with a full range of investment advice and evaluation of the current estate market;
International development projects – residential or corporative, including energy and infrastructure related projects;
Building construction– our team specialize in planning of the procurement needs of business projects, including contract drafting and negotiation;
Dispute resolution – we deal and resolve a full scope of real estate disputes, arbitrary or courtq including court representattion in all Bulgarian courts;
Occupiers - we can provide you competent legal advice on all real estate matters, including acquisition and disposal of properties, drafting of preliminary agreements and other contarcts, etc.;
Joint ventures - we can advise you and coordinate with the institutions all necessary agreements for real estate development projects and properties;
Insolvency - we specialize on providing a practical advice about a wide range of restructuring and insolvency issues about real estates in Bulgaria;
We can assist you about property acquisition and selling issues, providing competent advice how you can transfer the ownership and the important moments that require your attention. We can assist with regards of buying property with a mortgages and the process of clearing of the titul of ownership. We can provide you best advice about drafting and preparation and drafting documentation about the property deal, we can act on your behalf pertaining to negotiations with the other party partyinvestors, banks,developers, etc.;

We can provide you a competent advice about specific issues, as:

Check of condition and the legal status of the property, existence of mortgages;
Legal assistance about acquisitions or selling properties, including all financial and tax aspects;
Drafting a preliminary contracts and agreements for a property and legal defense of their validity;
Establishments of a legal rights to build on the plots of land;
Drafting of documents and legal representation about partition of co-owned property;
Legal termination of property contracts due to their validity;
Competent assistance in obtaining of compensations for broken clauses of preliminary contracts;
Preparation of rental and maintenance contracts;
Drafting of a building contracts, permissions, restiyution issues, etc;