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Preparation of contracts

Proper preparation of any type of contract is an substantial element of the negotiations between the parties. The right prepared agreement can save you money and help you to avoid legal troubles in the future.The contract must express the will of the parties and not to contradict the general legal and  principles and  imperative regulations of the legislation.

We specialise in drafting of any kind of commercial contracts, starting from the key elements  and corresponding to the security instruments of execution of the contract.When you conclude a contract, it is important  to consider many factors: the date of entry into force,  the form of execution, general and specific material conditions, etc.

In the case of contracts for construction and related services, standard type of FIDIC contracts  are widely used. They are founded on a widely accepted standard condition system, specifying in unified detail the relations of the parties. The model contract can be changed and elaborated for each project type and their general conditions can be changed depending on the characteristics of the respective project as per the expectations of the client.  

The process of change requires profound legal knowledge and project management expertise in accordance with the specific of the construction works and services that have to be performed.

Todor Mangarov Law office can assist you with the following:

Consultations for conclusion of contracts in the area of the civil, commercial and contractual law.

Drafting and preparing of different types of agreements and representation during the conclusion thereof.

Documents' drafting and assistance upon the conclusion of all types of preliminary contracts for real estates, securities, lease transactions, transportation agreements, manufacture,  sale and purchase, lease, delivery, commission and distribution agreements, brokerage and intermediation contracts, franchising, credit, loan, etc.

Termination of contracts – out-of-court and in-court;

Preparation and notary certification of contracts about mortgages, donations, pledges, etc;
Assistance and mediations in relation to out-of-court settlement of disputes under various  agreements;

Court representation pertaining to legal disputes related to the execution of contracts and other agreements.

Preparation of specific types of contracts like articles of association, labor contracts, loan agreement, telecommunication contracts, bank contracts, etc.