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Tender procedures

Tender  procedure as usual refers to the process where the governments or other institutions  invite partcicpants for a large projects, where the project proposals  have to be submitted within a strict deadline. A typical case  of a tender project involves a government  or municipality institution letting a contract to a private sector contractor to buld a infrastructure project. The  government or the municipality  structure is the promoter and usualy it has planned the work, also it is paying for the performance and the fulfilment of the contract. A private sector contractor  is appointed to execute and finish the construction works.

Todor Mangarov Law office can assist you with consultations and preparation  of all paperwork, pertaining to participation in public procurements in Bulgaria.

We can help you with the following:

Legal analysis and specification of the type and procedure further to the thresholds determined in the Bulgarian law;

Legal justification of the type and the scope of bulding works that should be performed as per the public procurement contract;

Filling in of all necesarry documents as per the respective requirements:

Preparation of the required samples of declarations required for the particular procedure;

Preparation of a price offer;

Praparation of power of attorney and participation and guarantee documents and samples;

Negotiation and preparation of the methodology for assesment of the offer – respective to the assessment criteria;

Praparation of the public procurement contract;

Drafting of the package for selection of the contractor with regards of the letter of assignment;

Appealing of Public procurements procedure before the Komission for protection of the competition and the highest court;

Our service also include drafting and negotiation with regards of the correspondence in case of additional questions and issues arrisen;

Legal assistance and preparation of the answers pertaining to possible questions by side of potential applicants in the procedure;

Praparation of the documents with the respect for the work of the Commission assessment of the offers till the conclusion of the final contract contract;

Consultation and legal analysis of selection procedure with regards of the experts;

Notification of the participants in the procedure with regards of the future contractor;

Examination of documents, prepared by third persons;