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Maritime Law

TM Legal Consulting provides wide range of legal services, including court and arbitrage representation in front of all Bulgarian and foreign courts and arbitrages. We can solve any contractual issue or other dispute, based on transport and maritime law.

We can help our clients regarding various issues connected to contracts for maritime transportation, ship rent, mortgages, etc.

We are at your disposal regarding to the following issues:

  • Preparation and legal advice on ship lease contracts, maritime insurance contracts, etc.;
  • Maritime mortgage contracts and other securities;
  • Legal advice on all issues related to carrier liabilities, incurring of damages and other institutes of the common civil and commercial laws, including participation in cases of general break-downs and drafting of dispatches, objections, bills of lading, etc.;
  • Providing legal advice on the selection of applicable law for resolving disputes arising from carrier contracts and ship lease contracts;
  • Legal representation at arbitrations and litigations on payments of demurrage, dispatch, or compensations for damaged or lost cargo;
  • Legal support on security measures, such as detainment of ships or detainment of cargo.
  • Rests of ships and cargos
  • Disputes pertaining cargo and charter contracts
  • Sale and purchase of ships, including between foreign and international partners
  • Disputes pertaining loading and discharging of cargos
  • Legal cases connected with environmental pollution caused by overflowing of petrol

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