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Requirements and services

There are different possibilities to open a company in Bulgaria:

A limited liability company - at least one person is required to open the company. The minimum share capital is BGL 2 levs, with the minimum nominal value of one share 1 BGN lev. Not less than 70% of the company capital have to be be paid before the registration. The owner of the company can be held responsible to the extent of the capital invested. The shareholders' should conven at least once a year.

A Manager have to be be appointed to manage the company. There is a possibility about the limited responsibility company to be owned by individual, who lives abroad. If there is only one shareholder, he can serve as a Manager. About the banks, the minimum capital requirements have been settled in special laws. Joint-stock company can be managed by a board of directors or by a supervisory board and a board of management. This firm also can be started, owned and controlled by a single partner.

Todor Mangarov Law office provides the following legal services:

Consultations, incorporation and registration of any and all types of commercial companies, holding companies and consortiums;

Registration of trade representations of Bulgarian and foreign companies.

Consultations to local and foreign commercial companies in relation to the business activity and management thereof;

Execution and entry of subsequent changes of commercial companies;Restructuring of commercial companies – bundling, merging, spin-off and demergers.

Due diligence of companies and enterprises.

Transactions with commercial enterprises – acquisition, transformation, leasing and purchase and sale of enterprises;

Transfer of shares and commercial ventures and enterprises;

Changes in the capital and structure, changes of the type of shares, non-monetary contributions;

Consultations and assistance in relation to license and permits regimes;

Consultations, drafting and preparing of all types of commercial contracts;

Termination of commercial companies, liquidation and insolvency;

Legal assistance for protection of rights related to trade marks, in cases of competition or unfair advertising practices.

Legal consultations regarding incorporation and licensing of insurance companies;

Incorporation and entry of collaterals and guarantees under commercial agreements – mortgages, special pledges, pledges of shares, etc;

Participation in negotiations, mediation;

Representation of merchants and commercial companies before state institutions – Patent Office,Commission on Protection of Competition, Customs

Administration, State Telecommunications Commission, Post-privatization Control Agency and other;

Litigation and legal defense in relation to trade and commercial disputes before any and all court institutions, jurisdictions and arbitrage courts.