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Banking Law

Within the area of the banking services, "TM Legal Consulting" Legal company can assist you with the following:

  • Full scale legal assistance in preparing of all necessary documents for conclusion of the bank credit agreements. Advices how to avoid the hidden legal tricks and hindrances in the contract where it is possible.
  • Assistance for the provision of the documents, required by the bank. Presence of the clerk of the company during the signing of the contract.
  • Competent assistance for preparation and signing of all bank credit document and contracts, including agreements for mortgages, warrants, etc;
  • Preparation and advices regarding to various types loan agreements;
  • Preparation and advices pertaining to various financial and operational lease contracts and agreements;
  • Consultations and assistance for restructuring of the concluded bank credit agreements;
  • Provision of legal services and consultations to banks and financial institutions;