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Bulgarian citizenship. Documents

List of the documents necessary for acquiring of Bulgarian citizenship
1. Application to the Justice department.
The document should be done in Bulgarian and n need to contain the following:
1. First name, fathers and family name as per the birth certificate.
2. Actual address. Any applicant from abroad can authorize a Bulgarian citizen or lawyer to receive documents relating to the submitted application;
3. The conditions motivating the applicant to submit the documents for acquiring a citizenship.
If the applicant is between 14 and 18 years old, the application should be submitted by the applicant personally. The documents have to be resigned by the parents.
- Curriculum Vitae.
- Photograph.
- Birth certificate.
- Declaration
- Document proving the command in Bulgarian language.
- Court certificate regarding to the eventual criminal record.
- Identification document issued by the Ministry of Interior.
- Certificate from the Prosecution office.
- A document from the Tax authority about the real declared income.
- Health document proving that the person is free of decease listed in Art. 36 of the Public Health Act.
- Banc document.
Applicants, who apply for citizenship as per Article 13 of the Bulgarian Citizenship Act should above-mentioned documents. Foreign documents should legalized and submitted together with a translation certified by a sworn translator.
Applications, not containing the listed documents cannot not be evaluated.