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Whether you have a company requiring advice on possible insolvency or corporate restructuring, we will do our best  to advice you on all aspects and proceedings of insolvency, bankruptcy and liquidation. Our bankruptcy strategy is concentrated on insolvency practices against foreign and Bulgarian companies, including disposition of assets of bancrupt enterprises. 

We have  profound knowledge of all commercial, property and litigation procedures and practices, having regard that every case is unique and requires combined experience and knowledge.Our understanding of the process and experience before the Court allows us to advise on the specific issues facing any party affected by the  matters. We thoroughly monitor and  review the  specific circumstances of any case and develop relevant strategies in order to reach the best possible and cost effective outcome for our clients.

We can assist you with the following:

Participation in negotiations of the  pre-bankruptcy stages of the corporate finances,  insolvency claims, legal  representation of the creditors in insolvency proceedings, participation and management of the meetings  of the creditors, development of recovery plans, out-of-court restructurings and refinancing, property confiscation and restraint proceedings,distressed financing and reschedulings preparation of the paperwork of agreements and arrangements with the creditors of the company, negotiations with regards of immovable estate issues, cash-flow insolvency, debt-for-ownership swaps, enforcing security, implementation of liquidation plans, risk assessing restructuring merger of business or assets of insolvent companies, cashing of the property, etc.

In our work we advise our clients in order to maximize the extent of the recovery of the debts. We work closely with qualified  specialists in close connected  practice areas including real estate, finance, regulatory, pensions, tax, environment and litigation  in order to provide an integrated and full-range service.